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Hi I am considering my options for my future job and right now going to culinary school is my first choice and I wanted to know the success rate of students who graduate get jobs and also I read that tuition is $45,000 and I was wondering if students could get financial aid or if they have to have this money upfront.
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I would highly recommend a college counselor. If your local school has Vocational Food trades ask there as well as the extension office of your state college. I tend not to ask the place I think I may go. If college is your choice don't forget Johnson and Wales, the very best in knowledge and staff. Try matching any others staff with J&W. Money is out there and paying it back.well only you can answer that question. It will be rough but, I bet you are young. Start burning the midnight oil and get to it

Good Luck

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i go to le cordon bleu of Orlando  and i get financial aid and i dont have to pay it back until 6 months after i graduate and they have tons of scholarships that other chefs dont offer. i got a $5000 future chefs of america scholarship plus they offer  career service which can help you get a job while you are still in school that is if you need one.and instead of it being a 2 year program it only take 15 months
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