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Hello fellow food industrians, chefs, etc.. I am finishing coursework at Le Cordon Bleu Chicago and with just few weeks left of class I need my externship to be decided. Months back I spoke with excecutive chef at local Country club and if it weren't for me being in school full time I would've gotten hours as brunch cook. I really think the chef Genuinely liked me. I was able to pick his brain for a few minutes and ask him where he came from and what he had to do to get where he's at now. Before I left the CC that day he chef ended up mentioning to me that he was going to put my name out there to other places that are owned by "Kemper industries".. So after he put in the word for me at this bigger CC (Hawthorne woods) I end up speaking with that chef.. Turns out the chef at Hawthorne woods was leaving and taking a higher up position so where else and that he will talk with new chef about taking me in.. Of course I never heard anything back from the new chef. I recently tried emailing him explaining who I am and how I found out about Hawthorne and I have received no reply.. At this point I don't want to beg for a job I just want to get out there and work and prove myself.

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