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    Hello from Oregon...

    I am new here so please bear with me...

    Hope its ok to be in this forum. I am not a professional but have a sincere question. I am trying to make a "CHAIN" out of either gumpaste or fondant.

    There must be a trick to this that I am not aware of. I have tried the following...

    1) rolled fondant
    2) cut out small round piece with extra small cutter
    3) cut out center using a large cake decorating tube
    4) stretched out the hole to form an oval
    5) let it dry

    Repeated and cut open one end and tried to lace it through the previous oval chain link. (also before they dried I dusted with gold powder.


    Difficult to keep the shape of the joining link.
    Tediously time consuming with very poor results

    Do any of you know the secrets as to how to make a professional looking chain? I am trying to make a "Chanel" purse with the chain etc.

    I am stumped... and would truly appreciated any insights that you might want to share.

    Most Sincerely,
    Lauren :eek:
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    You could try rolling out your fondant like a snake, cutting off equal size pieces, and shaping them on parchment with a drawn template underneath, which you can move along under the paper as you go. This will ensure that each piece is the same size and shape. Leave a space in each link so that you can connect them all, and when they're all linked, fill in the spaces with royal icing. Before it dries, smooth out the rough spots with a wet paintbrush, and let dry before painting. Of course, try to hide the royal icing sections as well as possible.

    If you are experienced with pastillage, you might find it sturdier in the long run, but it dries fast, so if you've never used it, you may have a hard time with it.
  3. bobbyr


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    I prefer the pastillage.. It dries quicker, but harder pieces. What size are the links.? maybe easier to make U shapes and after hardened.. glue them together with royal icing. ;)