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Well...I haven't been a member for long, but I do drop in and out quite a bit. I found this site while I was looking for Culinary Schools to attend. I must say…I’ve grown to love this place. It is full of people that love cooking as much as I do. I’ve loved cooking since the age of 8. I would always follow Grandma…. straight in the kitchen…always asking what she would cook today. Now I’m 22 and the only thing that’s changed since then…is that now I can’t seem to get out of the kitchen. Now I’m the one asking myself…”What are you cooking today?”. There always has to be something to cook…something to improve. …something to learn. I never put too much thought in taking my cooking outside my kitchen until this year. My wife finally convinced me that I’m great at it…and why not share it. I’m going to attend a community college. I’ve had friends who have attended more expensive and exclusive places. That scold at the idea, but I see it as…it’s not where you go, but what you learn. I may be wrong, but a community college is all I can afford at the time. I’m married and have two kids…. work a full time managing a distribution company…so I have my hands full. So for now, the community college located in Houston will do. I have learned many things I didn’t know, from his site. So keep posting, because someone is always reading.

Note: Please forgive the late introduction.:rolleyes:
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Wow, Tinman, you've accomplished a lot in just over 2 decades! Like many of us, you got inspired from a loved one. I think this adds a different kind of passion to our dishes, because our love of food and cooking is so closely associated with love.

We'll look forward to your posts! What do you especially like to cook?


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Welcome to Chef Talk Tinman!

Nice to meet you. Wish you the best of luck in your study. Hope you won't be too busy to keep us posted.
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My specialty is pastas. I enjoy making my own egg pasta. From Linguine and Fettuccine to Tortellini and Lasagna. You name the pasta and I’ve probably cooked it. Thanks for asking. If I may ask..What’s your choice Mezzaluna?

Thanks for the welcome Mezzaluna, Kimmie and Isa.
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Welcome tinman, I wish you all the best in what you do .
And if community college is what you're doing, then that's fine.
It's how much you want to know, more than where you learn it.
I love making pasta too. it's a very satisfying and wonderful thing when you get the hang of it.
see you round, polly
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Hi, Tinman, and a great big welcome. You have exactly the right idea, as far as school is concerned (IMO): you get out what you put in. And as for what you learn here, please don't be afraid to share what YOU know! That's the beauty of ChefTalk -- everyone has something of value to share with everyone else.

How do you make your pasta dough? By hand (whew! :eek: ) or by machine? What proportions of which flours do you use? For filled pastas, or flat sheets, there's nothing as good as homemade. (If you care to answer, you can do so in one of the cooking forums, since Nicko would rather that we keep it to simple intros here; and I respect his wishes.)

In any case, I hope this is the start of a long and satisfying relationship for you.
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To answer your question, Tinman, I nevermet a pasta I didn't like (although I haven't tried the stuff with squid ink in it yet). I just had some excellent cavatini this weekend, and have ejoyed some homemade noodles, too. Try doing a search in some of the other forums, because I'm sure we've had some good conversations about pasta in the past.
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Howdy Tinman,
Welcome! Hey, first off, anyone who would scold the idea of any sort of education, I would make a special place to keep all that they had to say, maybe next to the grease trap somewhere.
I'm just up the street from you in D and have found some of the most informed and well trained chefs are coming out of El Centro C.C.
I would never knock the big expensive schools for I went to one before you were born, but I'm finding that the smaller community colleges have instructors with a lot of field knowledge. My plan is the bakery thing, then consulting followed by instructing in a CC setting.
Have a fun time posting here and stop by for a cup of coffee if you're in town.
The sweet side is so much more rewarding!;) :D


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