Last Shift Today....

Joined Aug 21, 2009
So today was my last day as AKM at Cora's.  It was a good day... I put myself on fruits and let the guys muddle through on the line and they did a great job.  I think some chits ran long but I made it clear that I was a line cook today and that the person who will be assuming my job as AKM was in charge.  I did see some things that he needs to be careful about and at the end of the day when we talked I let him know what I saw and he was good with it.  The KM is unavailable this week (as co-incidence would have it he is in California planning a move there) so I let him and the owner know that if they have any questions at all just call me and I am more than happy to help them out. 

I have my work cut out for me at the diner and I am ready for the challenge! 

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