last day of vacation SUCKS....

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just had 11 day's off and have to go back to work in the morning......I just hate that feeling, that your not quite sure what you have waiting for you!!!!!! who's gone, new winter hours, what kind of problems were there   ect. ect.....

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OK, so maybe I'm just over reacting a bit.....I guess I got a job, right 
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I see what you mean, I sometimes think it's better to take shorts breaks. You have time to relax, but not so much time you get too used to it.

11 day at a time would be about my max, anymore than that and I really would be tempted not to return.
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all kidding aside, fryguy, i know its hard to get back into your routine, your zen zone,the hum of a well tuned kitchen....what happened while you were gone? god, just coming back from a day or two off sometimes feels odd...for me its about getting back into the timing that the line requires..but  always find it is indeed like a do! thinking that while you were gone you have been replaced? maybe even by someone better....WTF is up with that insecurity? where does that come from? no matter how many hours we spend in front of our stoves, we still know down deep that we are not the end, maybe it serves us to help keep our edge...who knows...anyway, glad you're back, hope you had a swell time and go kick some ass....or not!


sure you were missed
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