Lasagna With Diced Meat Instead of Ground Meat

Joined Feb 19, 2010
Has anyone ever substituted  diced meat for ground meat in lasagna? If so how did it turn out? I was going to give this a try and was wondering if it would ruin the lasagna, 
Joined Dec 18, 2010
Never diced but often used shredded meat. Works great. Diced should work if he dice is small enough. But I'd prob give it a few whirls in a food processor.
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If I have the time, I prefer to cut the meat with a knife, rather than using ground. For lasagna I prepare a bolognese ragu, so usually I'll get skirt or flank and cut it into very small dice. It's cooked for several hours with milk, which helps give the meat a velvety texture.... can't get that from ground meat IMO. 
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