Las Vegas Gluttony Weekend Review

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    So, over the weekend I dined at MIX (Alain Ducasse), Olives (Todd English), Craft Steak (Tom Colicchio), and Bouchon (Thomas Keller). In general, the service was bad and food took forever to come out.


    First off, MIX was a disappointment... very traditional French cuisine, as in the plate was covered in overpowering sauces.

    Amuse bouche was a tough cold tiny biscuit with onion jam. (the onion jam wasn't bad) Breads were ok with a selection of 5 different kinds, but cold. It came with butter and a peanut butter butter, which was interesting. 

    The appetizer was a seared Foie Gras with Meyer Lemon sauce... the Meyer Lemon sauce was horrible! Overpowering and just had an off taste.

    My entree was a filet mignon with foie gras and truffles... and it was drenched in a cold demi-glace (a film had formed on the top layer) that overpowered the dish. The wine paring wasn't very good either... for $17 a glass, I expected more.

    For dessert, I had the MIX candy bar which was a simple chocolate hazelnut candy bar with a coconut lemon sorbet... it was ok. nothing mind blowing. At least it wasn't drenched in sauce. Problem was the hazelnuts were stale.

    Definitely wont be returning...


    Olives was ok. Had about 4 kinds of breads served with olives and two olive spreads.

    I had grilled squid and octopus with chickpeas and seared scallops and french fries. Both dishes were ok and the fries were horrible. Seasoning was definitely an issue here and the proteins were not prepared perfectly either... but i think if the dishes were perfectly prepared, I would not have loved it either.

    Definitely wont be returning...


    Craft Steak was a winner here... aside from the agonizingly slow service, the food was prepared with a high level of talent and the flavors were really good. There was some slight seasoning issues, but not enough to ruin the meal. The menu was very basic... there was literally one soup and one pasta dish. They had hot rolls initially, but ran out... and gave us some artisian bread which i found to be better.

    I had the Lobster Bisque, the Pasta, the risotto, Angus Hangar Steak and Australian Wagyu Hangar Steak. ($36 vs $160) Lobster Bisque was great, as was the pasta... the risotto was prepared perfectly, but lacked a little salt and pepper. The steaks were absolutely perfect. It seems weird to order both items, but I wanted to taste them back to back to see what the best is like. While the Wagyu was clearly more flavorful and tender, it isn't 4 and a half times better.

    For dessert I had the bacon ice cream. It was good, but I would not order it again from Craft Steak. 2 issues... not sweet enough (perhaps because the bacon was too salty) and the bacon was chewy, so it was like eating beef jerky with ice cream. not too pleasant.

    Definitely worth eating at again though...


    Finally, Bouchon for Breakfast... food is basic breakfast fare with a touch of classical french sauces. I had a ham and cheese sandwich topped with a fried sunny side up egg covered in a bechemel sauce... with a huge side of pomme frites. Well the pomme frites were good, but McDonalds has it beat. Everything else was as good as it could be. The bechemel definitely complemented the dish well. I was hoping for more out of it, but it was fine. Not bad, but not great. Probably would not do breakfast again there. Maybe dinner some day...
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    Nice write up, I'm hitting Vegas in a couple months so this will help me plan out the food portion of my trip.  Bouchon is definitely on my list for dinner, I will be staying at the Venetian.  Thanks.
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    the only other place i'd like to try in the Venetian is Mario Batali's place. i thought Emeril's was a waste and that was a free meal.

    i had eaten at both of Joel Robuchon's restaurants at the MGM also and while there are some high notes, there are some not so high notes. i just expected more from the Chef of the Century, i suppose. i would still recommend eating there... Joel Robuchon is the only 3 star michelin restaurant in vegas.

    Craft Steak is probably my favorite restaurant so far, though.

    by the way, I tried to go to Fleur de Lys (Hubert Keller) but it was completely booked...