Larger capacity yogurt maker?

Joined Dec 7, 2010

One of my regular cooking tasks is making yogurt.  I like to make a gallon at a time, using half as usual, and placing the other half in cheesecloth to make a nice spreadable base for some other items, dips, etc.   My problem is I cannot find a decent appliance for this.  

I tried Alton Brown's suggestion of using a heating pad wrapped around the yogurt container and the whole thing put in a basket or the like, but it did not get hot enough. Right now I'm using a dutch oven inside my toaster oven and "babysitting" it turning it on and off all day.  It works, but it is too much trouble.    I've found something called the Yogourmet which makes 1 quart at a time, but I use more than that!  The Amazon description said you could make 2 quarts at a time, but none of the reviewers mentioned it. And there seem to be quality issues.  

Anyone know for sure if it can make 2 quarts in one batch?    I could live with that. Is it reasonably durable.  I do this at least once a week. 


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