large holes throughout the bread

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white and wheat bread coming out with large holes not real easy to make a sandwich. Is dough being mixed too long or baked improperly somehow?
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We'll need a little more information about your recipe and, perhaps more importantly, procedures, so we can focus a little better on potential causes.
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If there's one or two really big, long "holes" just under the crust, it's a condition called "flying crust."  The problem and solutions all lay in how you form your loaves.

But if your bread has an open structure from to bottom and all the way through, that's something different.  If it makes you feel better, people spend years learning how to get that.

And yes to a description of how you mix, knead, proof (aka let them rise), punch down, and form your loaves.  The recipe itself isn't as important but you might as well throw that in too. 

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