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I have moved to Seattle about a year ago. I have not found any great butchers yet. I have a place called Bill The Butcher close to home. I bought some ground lamb the other day to make gyro meat with.... it was awfully gamy in flavor and smell. I haver read that the smell in mostly in the fat, and it seemed to have a very high fat ratio.

He also gave me some lamb bones... would you make a brown stock with them or just get rid of them? I do not really eat lamb, so not sure I would use the stock ever.
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I butcher a lamb each fall that I get at the 4-H fair auction. I use every part of the animal and use the bones to make stock.

The younger the animal the less "gamey" the flavor. I try to stay in the 130 Lb. range as I have found that anything larger has that full flavor.

As for the stock.....After straining it I will reduce it with a bottle of red wine and strain again. I will pour mixture into muffin cups to freeze. After that I pop them out and place them in small sandwich bags, twist tie them and keep them in the freezer for later use.

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