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First, I want to thank you for that "out of the world" lamb chop recipe , Shishlik. I really enjoy cooking with citrus but the combination of flavors for the lamb marinade it just something. I use both the candied and zest of orange and  the finishing touches of the  saffron  basting sauce. MMMmmmm

Do you have a favorite way of preparing lamb be it with a particular seasoning or marinade ?

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Mark Miller, of Coyote Cafe and Red Sage fame, opened a restaurant in Sydney, Australia, a few years ago--directly across the bay from the opera house. One of the most intriguing dishes on the menu was his Australian Chipotle-Glazed Lamb "Churrasco", a masterful mash-up of flavors and influences. The recipe is on page 277 of Planet Barbecue. Also from Australia is a recipe I demoed on Season 3 of "Primal Grill," "Lamb on a Shovel." You season lamb chops with garlic, rosemary, and salt and pepper, heat the blade of a clean shovel in the embers, and arrange the lamb chops on it to sear and cook. It's food as entertainment--something they know something about in the Outback. (You can find the recipe at
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