Lamb shoulders and ribs

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Well, I had a farmer almost in tears this past weekend, shefs are not buying whole lambs right now. He is stuck with shoulders and ribs.......
So guys let's come up with ideas for shoulders and ribs.
Lamb stew is a given....6-8# of shoulder per lamb
Ribs as apps with a spicy Jamican rub/sauce...I could see this in an electic restaurant....
I made a call to a brewery to see if they wanted to make lamb brats, or sausages....


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-Curried lamb sausages
-Lamb Chili
-Lamb burgers, or lamb meat balls
-Pulled Lamb BBQ
-Stew ( know you said that, but I still love a spicy lamb stew served in an acorn squash bowl)
-Lamb Terrine (either ground like a tradional terrine or braised meat, shredded and held together with its braising juices fortified with gelatin.
-Lamb Tamales with Chipotle Salsa
-Lamb Pasties or Pies
-Lamb Braised in Pinot Noir with Root Vegetables and served topped with Gratineed Mashed Potatoes
-Lamb Pot Pie
Hope these ideas help. I will try to come up with some more.
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Your menu items sound great!!!

Here are a few I serve:

Lebanese Fattet Ghanam

Moroccan Lamb Tajine w/Prunes & Lemon

Indonesian Lamb in a Spicy Peanut Sauce

Lamb Korma

Greek Lamb Stew


I love Lamb!!!

My year & a half in Ankara, Turkey helped me appreciate it more.

Good Luck,

Chef Nosko
Boston, MA


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Sounds awesome! I really haven't dabbled in the cuisines of that part of the world too much. I really do need to learn more about Middle Eastern and North African cuisines.
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In the book'Nigella Bites' there is a great recipe for very slow cooked lamb with pomegranate and mint salad. It sounds wonderful though I think I will try it out on friends before the dining room.

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