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Hi guys, im a apprentice chef looking for a lamb(fillet) salad dish that taste great and easy to plate. im wanting to contribute to my work place menu planning.

my ideas right now are: fillet of lamb on mixed mizune and rocket greens with skillet potatoes and mint (somthing somthing) dressing.

any ideas, additions, or recipes would be greatly appricated

ps im still new to cooking and is unsure what goes well with lamb

Thanks, Sheng
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I also don't like it when it is cold. I do love lamb most when it is cook in any dish but really spicy one just to get rid the after taste of the

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I'm a fan of 'warm salads'....any salad (green, vege, pasta) topped with the meat in its chosen sauce as the overall dressing as a lunch, entree, light main. They occupy a slot on the menu always and do fairly well.

Consequently, all our lamb salads have served the lamb cooked to order and sliced. Durangojo mentioned the quality & versatility of lamb tenderloins, this is a good example as the portion required is more forgiving in this context cost-wise.

As for flavours...Think salad...summer...heat...warm...spice!....Mediterranean, Middle-eastern, North African. The 'warm' not hot approach works fine if the ambient temp is already high & use of spices will compensate as the dish cools while eating. Perhaps explore the potential of a variation of Fattoush...worked for us.

Mint sauce as a dressing will help to cut the fat mentioned above....have done a Greek salad (with the mandatory lettuce filler) this doesn't get much simpler.
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Well, let's face it, Titomike....  if anyone knows a thousand ways with a sheep, it'll be a Kiwi!
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Sheep....ya gotta love 'em!  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif                         but....
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