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Hi Chefs,

I'm a lamb rancher and I need your advice. I raise Icelandic sheep, the ones that produce the gourmet lamb chops, lamb legs, and lamb everything. I just started three years ago and now I am ready to find a market. Here's my problem, I live in "beef country", people around me seem to appreciate Angus, and occasionally, some folks will know about Kobe (the real Kobe). But when it comes to lamb, they can't really appreciate an Icelandic lamb. They seem used to the NZ imports that while good, they are not as tender, juicy and mild-flavored as the Icelandic.

Do you have any suggestions on where and how to find those appreciative palates so I can start marketing my lamb? My sheep are free range, organic raised, pastured, pampered animals. They live really good lives. I would like to find the people that would also appreciate that my animals are well taken care of and that their food is free of all those pesky chemicals that creep in our food chain.
Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch!
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Are there any farmer's markets in your area where you could feature some of your lamb products?

There are many resources available on the internet that talk about direct marketing and how to go about doing it. But, I would think the general idea would be to beat the pavement so to speak and bring your lamb products to the attention of butchers, restaurants etc. and go from there.

Do you have a website or any sort of internet presence where potential buyers can find you?
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Have you tried contacting restaurants and butcher shops (if there are any) in your area that might want to sell lamb? Most good chef's love lamb. Find the people that use the NZ stuff and show them how yours is better.

Do you do USDA slaughter?

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