Lakeport brewery is closing!

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I'm not sure how many people outside of Ontario have heard of Lakeport beer.  It's brewed right here in Hamilton and basically their success was built on the 24 for $24 sales police they had.  It was quite successful and it was sold to Labbatt's a few years ago.  My husband and I were suspecting Labbatt's bought them so that they could eliminate the competition and get rid of the buck for a beer concept that had done so well for this little brewery. 

This just appeared on our local paper's website:

I know it's "only" 143 people but for the greater community that is 143 families who will be affected and it's bad news for everyone.  Hopefully these employees will be able to have jobs in Labbatt's other breweries but I bet the odds of that are pretty slim. 
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Huh.  I'm torn. 

I feel for the families; hopefully they will simply be re-assigned.  As for the beer, I'm sad to say it may need to go.  There was a time when I was a pretty consistent customer (extended stay in hospital caused my non-operating reno biz to eat up my savings, and then my employment insurance was used up, then my health benefits...)  Cheap beer was very appealing.  Sadly, it got to the point where every case of beer I bought I was guaranteed to have to throw out at least two bottles, and often more, because the tops were so badly chipped that I couldn't be sure there wasn't glass bits in the drink.  I called to complain; they sent me a coupon for a free six pack.  We could only drink five of the free beer because one, again, was badly chipped.

I like beer.  A lot.  Cheap beer can be a great thing.  Dangerous cheap beer is something else all together.

I drink Carling now, when I buy from the store.  Otherwise, I brew my own. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/drinkbeer.gif
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Not being a beer drinker I wouldn't have experienced what you did, Charron.  Maybe they were able to sell it so cheap because they did cut corners.  If I ever bought a bottle of wine with a chipped top I would be returning it to the LCBO for a refund and definitely buying another brand instead of what I just returned.

I am suspecting that the former CEO of Lakeport sold out when it was best for her personally  and not that of her company or workers.  She is Ms Philanthropist now but on whose backs did she get to that status?  
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