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Hi there, guess I'll do the formal intro:

Lady Tuna here, from the American Pacific Northwest.  The non-Atheists call this place "God's Country".  I grew up in Texas, so I was raised to disagree with any other state being better than Texas.  Although...damn this place is friggen' gorgeous.  

I have been a writer for a local publication for almost four years now and feel as though I have written about every local entity that touches food.  My small clan of besties all either write about food or own restaurants here.

I'd love to call myself a "foodie" but that seems to be overplayed. Just as the world of blogging has given us, anyone can become a "food writer" and proclaim themselves a "foodie".   I, on the other hand, actually get paid to write.  Albeit a small paycheck, It's enough to cover my wine tab.

I picked the handle Lady Tuna because I found this place while looking for advice on canning fresh tuna.  You all have hidden from me long enough and you're lucky it took me this long to find you.  I'm now very happy with perusing the forums. (Read: Stalking) It's like eavesdropping like-minded individuals.  

So there you go.  To all three of you who will read this...Hello!
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Count me in as the first, and welcome! I look forward to your comments and questions, and I hope you enjoy the wealth of information to be found here. Do you have a cousin called Lady Salmon? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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