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Hello. I have a few questions about lady locks. I have been trying to learn more about how to make bakery-quality lady locks but I cannot figure out what the dough is. Is it puff pastry? When I do an internet search all I come up with are recipes for either cream horns or clothes pin cookies-both are very small pastries. The ones in the bakery are much bigger. I have made several cream horn recipes/clothes pin cookies using recipes that I found on the Internet and none of that dough is even close to the ones at the bakeries. They were good but not what I was looking for. I have also tried frozen puff pastry and it was not similar to the bakery ones at all--much too buttery. The big ones in the bakery are light, airy and very flakey. Can anyone assist with this? Are there books that I could buy to read more about this? What kind of dough is it exactly? i even looked for premade molds that might be sold online--I only see mold for pastries for canolis, etc. Any help would be great appreciated.
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Here and in NY we called them cream horns and they were made from puff paste wrapped around a baking tube. Either made large or mini.

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