La Rioja Historic Winery & Why Their Reds Standout

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    *** See lovely Photos.

    This winery was founded in 1852 by Luciano Murrieta, a Peruvian native who relocated to London, and had become very fascinated by the Bordeaux Wines which were very famous in London at that time. He was a Banker, who invested in this Logroño, La Rioja Winery. This Photo is the father of the current owner, Vincente Cebrián II . 

    The photo below is a wine press which has given these red wines, a standout ovation, thus, they employ the historical methods of pressing with the vanguard modern technology. The Castillo De Ygay produces some of the finest reds worldwide.

    Has anybody wine tasted the Marqués de Murrieta Red Wines ?

    *** Photo Courtesy: Vincente Cebrián - Owner of Marqués de Murrieta

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