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    I have hit the jackpot. A friend of mine has given me a flat of kumquats. At first I didn't really know what to do with them but I sat down and made a kumquats Brulee pie which is a pie crust, with a orange curd simmer very lightly with quatered kumquats. Then the second layer was a creme brulee mix that I cooked in a pot, added and chilled. Then bruleed with a maple sugar. It was good.
    I've also made a kumquat curry stuffed duck served with a sweet chili demi glaze, reduction style.
    But I still have half a flat left and I don't want to made preserved out of all of it. Any ideas of what else I could try? :confused:
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    I haven't tried any of the recipes at http://kumquatgrowers.com/recipes.html , but I'd hope that kumquat growers would know good from bad. :)
    They even sponsor a kumquat festival!

    Note, make sure to click on the not-so-visible "To view more kumquat recipes, click here!" link in middle of the page.