Krampouz crepe griddle turning crepes too brown. Help!!!

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    I've been running a crepe stall in London now for about 6 weeks, and have had no problems using my Krampouz crepe griddles - the crepes have been coming out fine. 

    However last weekend I noticed that one of the griddles was starting to flake, especially in the center, which I assumed was a build up off oil etc. As there were fairly large chunks flaking off, I scraped over the whole surface with a edge of a knife, right back to the original surface, so that I would have a completely smooth surface. I than re-seasoned the griddle (as per instructions, exactly the same as I had done the first time I used them). Now, whenever I cook a crepe on that griddle, the whole underside of the crepe turns brown very very quickly - the entire side of the crepe is a very dark brown, rather than a speckled effect that was happening before.

    The crepe is not burning or sticking onto the griddle, I am still able to slide a spatula underneath, although I have to do this very carefully, as the crepe begins to burn without being cooked all the way through, so is still doughy on top. Hope all this makes sense?

    Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening? I am using the lowest setting. Did something happen when I scraped off the surface - could I have damaged it in anyway? I thought being cast iron it would be fairly robust, and would just need a good season to get it going again.

    This is a nightmare as I run a busy market stall, and having to use only one griddle at the moment. 

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Many Thanks