Kosher Pastry Chef - in the US?

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Ok, short and sweet. My wife desperately would like to become a Pastry Chef and has been seeking schools that will allow her to learn, become very good, and maintain her lifestyle as a frum jew. Does anyone in this forum have any information regarding schools that will not force their students to eat the items "on the menu" that their religion would not allow?

If so, I would appreciate some advice so that I can help, Tamar (my wife), to realize her dream. If not, thanks anyway. 

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Hi Zev,

Welcome to ChefTalk. It's a pleasure to meet Tamara and yourself. I hope she will find that the community

here is a great place to learn.

  I'm thinking that any Culinary School would respect any Religious reasons for following their beliefs.

That's not to say that she might be around the foods or maybe touch them. I think that information would

be readily available to you by phone or email.

Take care

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No but iI can tell you that in NY there are 2 excellent large wholsale Kosher Bakers

1 is Kosher Bakers in Brooklyn  The other is Cake Stylist in Queens  both are very gifted and good. They supply all the caterers and temples in NY
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