Korean Fried Chicken (and fried chicken in general)

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Ok here's a fried chicken question I never really found the answer to. Should the 'batter' be dry or wet before the chicken goes into the fryer? I mean, let's assume you're marinating your chicken in buttermilk or soy sauce or what have you so that it's kinda wet-ish. You coat it in flour or some kind or starch. The starch is dry. Should you fry right away? Or you wait a bit for the starch to absorb the liquid from the marinade so that it's more like a batter, then fry?

An issue I've had with using potato starch instead of flour (Korean Fried Chicken) is that the batter tends to separate from the chicken and not stick to the chicken skin. How to avoid that?

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For Korean Fried Chicken, I put the chicken in the oil wet. For southern fried chicken, I roll in dry mix and instantly put in oil.

As far as crust falling off, for KFC I coat dried chicken with potato flour/cornstarch and put uncovered in fridge 6 hours to overnight. Then dip in batter, straight into oil.

For southern fried I do Flour/buttermilk & egg/ Flour just make sure chicken is dry before first dry coat. If marinating or brining, pat dry before first flour coat
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I do batter. I have played around with a bunch of different recipes, but have settled on a variation of Serious Eats Kenji Lopez Alt's version.


Thanks for the links. Wow, 1/2 cup vodka huh!!!?? :lol: I'm going to have to experiment. Problem is, my other half is already getting tired of my latest deep-frying binge. :rofl:
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