Korean BBQ Question (Bul Go Gi)

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    This is a copy and paste to a chef friend of mine that took a Korean cooking class. I have to do a ton of bul go gi this weekend and was wondering if anyone could help...


    Hey Chef,

    I have to do a bul go gi this weekend for a thousand people and I have never seen, tasted or done it before...

    I talked to a Korean friend of mine who gave me the basis for the marinade etc. but I had done it differently somewhat, because I have to do such a large volume of it.

    First, do you remember what cut of meat you used?

    I took top rounds and have been marinating them for a couple days now, versus cutting it thin and then tossing it in the marinade. Maybe tomorrow I will partially freeze it, slice and then toss in the marinade and cook it on Saturday.

    It appeaars to me, that the recipe I of yours that I have would make the meat somewhat tough, is this true?

    (her recipe calls for very thinly sliced, shortly marinated sliced beef then stirfried)

    My marinade was more in depth also, although basically the same...I used soy, water, fish sauce, hoisin, a ton of ginger and garlic, sesame seed, sesame oil, home made beef oil, chipotle peppers, palm and brown sugars and a little cumin.....man the marinade was awesome.

    Now, my gut instinct was to sear the top rounds, lightly smoke them, and then slice, stirfy and add some sweetned sauce, similiar to the marinade...do you think this would pass??

    Also, in the class you took did he offer some kind of dipping sauce or retoss the meat in some kind of sauce when they completed the dish...

    Just wondering....

    Thanks for any help you can provide...

    Chef Michael Hayes
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    I have only made it once or twice so I am definately no expert, but I wondered about a few things. Im not so sure about using the top round, maybe if you sliced it thin and then marinated it, but it might still end up rather tough. Most recipes I have seen call for either sirloin or tenderloin tips. I have also done/seen it done more like Kalbi (Kolbi? the Korean short ribs) but using the ribs sliced crosswise so that each piece has 2-3 sections of rib cross sections and sliced about 1/4 inch thick. Also I thought that bul go gi (bul kogi) was quickly grilled, not stirfried. It's the grilling that helps produce that crispy, smoky, caramelized exterior that make the dish so irresistable.
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    I have used sirloin steak and it turned out wonderful. I sliced it thin in strips and marinated it with a bottled bulgogi marinade (found in oriental markets) overnight.
    I am trying to find the domed brass bbq plate they use to grill the meat. Any ideas of where to find it? I used a cast iron one I bought on the internet but it ended up rusting after used it.

    Thanks, Naty
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    Try Bulgogi with rib eyes. Rib eyes are what high end Korean restaurants use for Bulgogi.
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    The key to good Korean Bbq is a well marbled cut of beef.

    PJP is right about the Ribeye for Bul Golbi sp? (it can be Grilled, preferred, Deep Fried or Stir Fried)

    Bul Galbi are the short ribs.