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Want to be pastry chef and lead a crew towards the following vision:


Austrian konditerai with malakoff torte, linzertortr, dobos torte. Imperial torte and all the rest.

Want to become a good Austrian style pattisere. I am not moving to Austria. I am half Austrian. So be it.

This is my culture and passion.

I am a 34 year old anthropology school potentate for Caribbean folklore studies.

I despise academic work and reading and writing in terms of professional application.

Don't want to give lectures.

I own 1000 books but am kicking and screaming to become a unique pastry chef.

I am 34. I give up on saving the world. I own all the books and will blog while not baking or cooking.

Want to have good ramen for lunch. Congee with preserved duck egg Chinese pickles pork foo and salted fishes

Would be nice to have the Turkish kebab for lunch too that is so there in the motherland

Would be nice to do Trinidad doubles. As well as those little amsterdam raw fish sandwiches

Would be nice to have a great West African stew every now and then like kedjenou, achu soup, cassava greens and rice or bukka stew and gberri

Would be nice to have porchetta once a month

Want to have Midwestern pies made with duck fat. Like strawberry rhubarb for instance.

Want English pasties

Want lefse with butter and sugar

My mother is from the Midwest

Want coconut pear and orange cakes as per the betti boss I cookbook of Switzerland because I was born in Switzerland

Want to have NIGERIAN goat pepper soup at least once a week.

Let's assume I'm a passionate European fellow torn between being an anthropologist in haiti and being a cook.

Let's assume I know lots about cooking but have minimal experience yet at 34 am finally willing to commit to employment.

What next?
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That's a lot. You probably have to move to the biggest city in the world, live in Manhattan in a cheap studio with a tiny kitchen, go to work at 4am and eat out every day.
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I guess the best thing for you to do is to get a job—any job, in a bakery, and take it from there.

After a few months and you’re still liking the job, and more importantly the job likes you, then it would be time to consider baking school.

As the Swiss (and most likely the Austrians too) would say:
Aus alte Pfanne lernt Man kochen....

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