Know of new food products or unusual food items?

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I need some help and suggestions. I am creating a site/blog that showcases new food products and unusual food ingredients. I create recipes with the product, demo and publish the recipe on-line. If you have or know of a new innovative spice, sauce or condiment please let me know. Also if you have an unusual food item that would not be something the layman would think of cooking, let me know as well. 
I am very excited about this project and hope to get products from all types of cuisines. Once the project kicks off, I will publish a link. Thank you in advance all for any assistance you can direct my way!
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Not sure that I'm getting your proposals right, but I have found a unique use for an old food: if you are hiking or camping and you get poison ivy, oak, or sumac, if you have any available, daub a bit of hot sauce on it. Beats scratching.
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