Knives that can be mistreated

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Hello all,

I'd like to buy a few knives (chef's knife, tomato (serrated) knife, and paring knife, probably) for my in-laws, nominally as a father's day present for my father in law - they're always complaining that their knives are old and dull - but also in part to give me something a bit sharper to use when we visit them.  I don't want to spend too much money, probably around $100 if possible.

Here's the catch: based on past experience these knives will not be cared for the way people on this board care for knives.  They will soak in the sink; they'll go in the dishwasher; they will never, ever, be sharpened.  So while my first instinct for (relatively) inexpensive knives is Victorinox/Forschners, I don't think they'd last more than a month under the conditions.

Obviously, the sharpest possible knife is not the priority here; maybe the focus should be on something that's very inexpensive and can be replaced without too much heartburn.  But if anyone knows of a knife set that's designed to be dishwasher safe and generally take some abuse, I'd really appreciate it.

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You're better off buying them a mechanical sharpener than new knives.  New knives will only get old and dull also in a year.

Or maybe buy them serrated knives.  If they never ever sharpen their knives, I would say they don't much care how their food comes out anyway.  Many such knives are cheap enough that most people would not think twice about chucking a set for new ones.

But again, you would be VERY much better off buying them a Forschner set and a sharpening gizmo.  Maybe if you bought them a sharpening gizmo first they might even decide they don't really need new knives after all.  Well, maybe a bread knife.
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