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bdl,if you're out there, or anyone with some insight/knowledge,or anything helpful...

in an effort to not bog you down with more endless knife talk, i will try and stay brief...could you please repost the 2 knife websites again(think they were seller sites). sorry, i think i threw out the baby with the bathwater when cleaning up files, and i don't have the time or energy to go through all the knife posts. what i use  most...a 7" santuko,7" henckel chefs, a 7" nakiri cleaver,and a 5" nakiri chefs knife. i reserve the 'big boy henkels for breaking down chickens, fish and cutting steaks. in the past you have recommended the mac pro...still? i have of late been using an old 9" henckel that i found in a drawer and brought back to life(with the exception of a missing tip). the handle fits like a glove , the weight and balance magic. my question? can i tell what year/model the knife is? there seems to be no markings, and the stamp, while there, is not readable.(thought maybe a website could help with identifying it)... the handle is old style long, thin and squared..not bulky, beefy or fat. i absolutely love this knife and think it would be a fine birthday present to myself(we're allowed to do that, right?), if i only knew exactly what it is...any other ideas would be greatly appreciated and as always, thanks anyone for taking the time.

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