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I recently bought an aogami super gyuto(jck natures deep impact), came razor sharp out of the box, after cutting some veg, mainly tomatoes, onions and carrots, it's no longer razor sharp. It discolored like expected, I cleaned and dried it properly, on the heel there is no discoloration and it still goes through paper with a straight cut. My question is, did I mess up or is this normal? It still cuts paper with a sliding cut but it's no longer razor sharp.
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1)Thats normal

2) I expect knives from japan to have a rudimentary edge. It is up to the user to put finishing touches on it to their preference. Once you do a real sharpening progression it should stay at that super sharp level longer. Certain retailers like JKI and korin do initial sharpening before shipping if requested.

3) a microbevel will keep it sharp longer

4) cutting acidic stuff with carbon steel can dull it if you dont clean fast

5) once you sharpen and have a clean bevel, carbon steel can be restored to maximum sharpness with a few trailing strokes on a finishing stone. 30 seconds of work on a 6000 grit stone maybe. Thats what i do between full sharpenigs. Maybe once a week or two.

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Thank you for you replies, I've only used german knives so far that haven't been as sharp as this.

Should I start on a 400-600 stone -> 1000 -> 3000 -> 6000?
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Course stones are tricky to use at first, and I myself don't go to them till some real thinning is required. Just to show the level of idiosyncrasies that exist around sharpening, I do light thinning by running over the high spots on my 1k, and get some flattening action in the bagain - then I'll do the same on my fine stone to polish off the 1K scratches.

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