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    Hi everyone,

    First post on here so I'm probably asking something that's been asked a million times but I am looking for advice on a particular set that I've seen in a local store (in the UK).

    I currently just have a pretty big standard set of knives but am a keen cook and would like to but a good set of knives to help improve my food prep.

    reading on the Internet I get the impression that brands like Henckels and Wustoff do make top quality knives but have diluted their brand a bit by making much cheaper knives and sticking their name on basically going for easy sell under their prestigious name.

    As such, I recently found this set at a local department store and it seems like a good price and is cheaper than anything on the internet I found but I'm just wondering if it actually ever was a '£400' item or if this is just one of those cheaper products that they deliberately put a silly price on in the first place just to sell as a 'bargain'.

    It is a Henckels 7 piece pro set. Link below. Do people have much of an opinion on the quality/value of this set:
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    Factory made production knife.  Blocky uncomfortable handles,  unexceptional cutting geometry.  The bread knife, chefs knife, and steel are too short.  What do you need scissors for?  The combination of cheap stainless steel and bolster make it very annoying to sharpen.

    For this price, get one great chefs knife,  10" and some sharpening stones.
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    I will generally second MillionsKnives's post, but will add the following:

    Zwilling Henckels is the better brand part of Henckels Knives, with the steel probably akin to Wusthof Ikon and Classic lines.  Henckels has two lines, the other being Henckels International, which is the "budget" brand.  The "Zwilling" brand is generally about as good as Henckels will get (with the "Miyabi" knives being their actual best and made in Japan, and are a different breed apart, better than other Henckels by far).