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I know this is a bit of a broad question--but what is a practical approach to improving knife skills? I used to be pretty decent with a knife but have never had the skill or speed that I would like. Would it just be "doing it" more.

I'm fine with and would appreciate book suggestions or of course links to videos to "see it" as opposed to just reading it/pictures. I have quite a few friends who are excellent home and/or professional chefs but our schedules never seem to align.

Thank you in advance to any suggestions. I've been reading the forums a lot the last month or so but just recently decided to sign up and actually get involved.
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Practice, practice, practice.  Buy a fifty pound sack of potatoes and dice and slice.  When your finished with that start on the carrots.
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When you see what the proper technique is, be sure to follow it. When I show people the proper knife technique, they quickly adjust to what is comfortable but not correct, saying that the technique is awkward for them. Practice is what makes it comfortable. 

     The technique comes from the collective experience of many chefs and many years and is designed so you can cut lots of food accurately without worrying about cutting yourself. Have the discipline to practice the technique correctly. Speed will follow eventually. 
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Thanks everyone for the advice on this. I will look these up right away (been super busy).

Chefwriter, that is probably the best advice of all! When you have been doing something the wrong way it becomes a habit. Habits are hard to change, very hard at times, and it's too easy to do it the "easy"/often wrong way. However, when you do something the right way, over and over the improvements are worth the work--speed, skill, -"" substantially better.
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