Knife block suggestions

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Bumpin' around the net looking for a knife block. Problem is I can't find one that I am sure will fit a 10" chef knife. Have seen a few that reviewers say won't fit a 10". Additionally have a 12" Idahone ceramic steel I would like to keep in the block. It's not a big deal if the steel bottoms out (i don't think)  but I don't want the blade of the chefs exposed- My wife has a mini knife phobia, and I don't want my shiny sharp edge damaged. Thought about taking it into the store and trying them out. Sure security would love to see me walk in the door w/ a 10" blade.
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Unless you just really really want a block, I would personally advise against it. They are clunky, take up counter space, and can really damage a knife if you're not careful. A lot of people like using magnetic bars that hold your knives, but I personally just put each knife in a sheath and place them in a drawer. However, don't put your knives in a drawer unless you're going to cover the edges. First, because they can really get damaged, and second because you'll get cut very badly.
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Not sure if you like them but I have used a few different ones that go in the drawer. Like the regular blocks some are nicer, and hold longer blades than others.

I have actually been looking at whats available as I am considering purchasing an add on or new larger capacity one (the collection seems to be growing lol) and have seen plenty of counter top blocks in my searches, and many show to hold a 10" blade so you may just need to ask.

Also if your not comfortable with taking your knife into the store as I think I would feel the same you can just ask for them to take one from display and try it out.
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It's not a lot of help because there's no specificity, but most big name blocks will hold 10" knives in the top slots without the tips hitting the counter. 

Some knife stores are more knowledgeable than others when it comes to what their own stock can and cannot do.  Narrow the field down to a few choices and call Chef Knives To Go and/or Cutlery and More and ask.  Also, this is one of the few times when a trip to BB&B, SLT, or W&S can supply all the necessary information needed for a knife related decision.  Get your tush down to the mall, and have them stick a 10" knife in the block and see what's what

You'll have to keep your 12" hone in a drawer or hang it from the wall.

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