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I bought "Klogs" poly shoes yesterday. The model is called Springfield. I liked them, easy too clean and I even like the look. They don't come in half sizes. 12 was definitely too big, but 11 seemed like I was hitting the front of the shoe with my toes. I had some misgivings about that but the store guy convinced me that as long as they were loose, sort of felt more like slippers than shoes I will be okay. At first they felt great. But after 11 hour shift yesterday, my left big toe was really hurting around the nail. 

Since they are not leather so there will be no stretching. I wonder if this could be a matter of adjustment. Anybody has an experience with those?

Thank you.
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As we Canucks would say, "you got hosed'.  Who ever sold you that crap-ola should be fired.

Firstly, "they don't make half sizes" is Boule-cheet.  If you had size 8-10 feet, they would have half sizes, no problem.  Size11 is uncommon, so they don't keep half-sizes in stock.  "they" wanted to make a sale, hence the boule-cheet about no such thing as half sizes.

Secondly, poly shoes, or any man made material stinks.  Literally.  Feet sweat and a plastic, or any kind of man-made material  upper that doesn't let the skin breath is gonna lead to wet, clammy stinky feet.  You can change your socks every hour, on the hour, but your just compensating for crappy shoes.

Thirdly, if the shoe doesn't fit, don't buy it.  See my second sentence.  If the shoe has a sloppy fit, it won't provide support for your feet, and that is exactly what a good shoe should do, especially for people who stand on their feet for more than 8 hours a day.

Too late to get your money back, but never too late to complain to the store owner.  Just hope it wasn't the store owner who hosed you.... 

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