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Just an ultra-quick reply (I've got laundry in the dryer) about Dexter Russell and Forschners.

Dexter Russell is an American cutlery manufacturer, which specializes in commercial cutlery.  Forschner is an older brand name for what are now known as Victorinox commercial knives.  There is no corporate or trade linkage between Dexter Russell and Victorinox.

Forschner is an older name for Victorinox commercial cutlery.  The original Forschner firm was the American importer/distributor for Victorinox commercial knives (Victorinox being a Swiss company) and the Forschner name and logo were printed on the blades.  Later, Victorinox bought out the Forschner company's American owners, and continued the use of the Forschner name.  Nowadays, though, Victorinox has dropped the Forschner name and substituted the Victorinox name and the "Swiss Army" name.

Victorinoxes use Thuyssen/Krupp 4116 steel (aka "X50CrMoV15") - the same as a lot of upper end German cutlery lines.  What Dexter Russell uses, I don't know, but it's not 4116 steel.


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Welcome to Cheftalk chefjudge.

I also have a number of cheap stainless knives, most of which I have lovingly thinned, otherwise modified, and all appropriately sharpened, and also get a kick out of using them when better is not needed.

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For home use, you can't bear 'em. Super sharp, stays sharp, easy to sharpen. Get the 171. Great rocking motion, nice size.

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