KitchenAid Mixer Question: for Helena

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A friend of mine received a KitchenAid mixer as a birthday gift from her husband. She is very interested in food, and is a good cook. She is not, however, very much interested in making desserts. So she is wondering: what can she use the mixer for, in the way of SAVORY dishes? I've given her a few possibilities, but I figure people here will have lots of good suggestions. (She does not have any attachments, just the standard stuff it comes with.)
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My mixer and processor are married and live happily together on my countertop. They are often in use.

If she does not have a processor:
--pie dough for savory tarts will open up her world (quiche, pissaladiere - my favorite, etc.
--Contrary to popular opinion, I find that with care, one CAN make good mashed potatoes in the mixer (use paddle, go slow, use russet type potatoes).
--breadmaking, in which I include pizza and foccaccio dough

But she shouldn't downplay the advantage of having that heavy motor to attach to for other uses.

If she gets the grinder attachment, she will make the best and safest hamburger and meat loaf she ever tasted. She can use it to make sausages, pates, etc (if she doesn't want them as mushy as the processor makes). I find myself pulling out the grinder for all sorts of stray things.
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I wasn't really into baking either. I thought Kitchen Aid mixers looked cool so I asked for one for Christmas. After I got it I figured out that it was really a baking tool. So.....

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