Kitchenaid mixer attachments

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Next rant....

Does anyone make any good attachments for the Kitchenaid stand mixers? I have the pasta rollers, which seem to be a good solid METAL construction similar to my old hand rollers, but everything else seems to be cheap Chinese plastic. Further whenever I look on-line all I see is complaints about the quality, falling apart, leaving traces in the food etc.

Such a shame. I wonder whether there are old pieces that would work better after being refurbished>
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Actualy, there is a German Co. that makes a decent metal meat grinder for the K.A. and K.A. makes an all metal grain mill
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Yes you're right about the metal grain mill, but I can't see myself using one. (shame).

Thanks for the pointer. I found this....

Is this the one you're talking about? Unfortunately seems no longer available.

But then I also found this...

and then this

Surprising that the further back you go, the better the quality..... no, not really.

Ah well.

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