Kitchenaid Artisan mixer suitable to knead bread dough?

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Just got my Kitchenaid and just kneaded my first batch of bread dough. Followed instructions and stuck to speed 2. Did a stellar job too. My bread dough is fairly stiff (about a kilo of mix) and I did notice the machine slowed down some when it started to mix up and stiffen. Machine didn't get hot or actually balk but as I will be using this at lest once a week to do the same thing just wondering if the machine will be up to it. Has anyone used their Kitchenaid to do heavier work like this long term without problems? Any comments / advice appreciated
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I haven't had any problems and have had mine for several years, but I am not cranking out dough like a commercial setting.
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No neither am I. About a 1 kilo mix once, sometimes twice a week. Just for home. Do you find your machines slows / labours a little bit as the mix thickens up?
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With stiffer doughs a mixer made for home use will strain a bit just because of how stiff the dough is.

If you are concerned for the long term life of the mixer, maybe adjust the hydration a bit?
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Those mixers used to have metal parts when they first came out, then switched to plastic insides. I can not impress upon you enough to never go beyond speed 2-3 when kneading.
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Use the paddle attachment for about ten seconds in the first mixing of your dough. Allow to reast for 30 minutes and the dough will soften and develop some gluten. Then knead the dough yourself. On the countertop pour out the dough, bunch it up, Then lift half of it while allowing the other half to drop-stretch toward the countertop. Flip and roll up, turn 90 degrees. Then lift and allow to stretch. Repeat for about 2-6 minutes.
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