Kitchenaid Artisan 5qt mixer (is this a good deal)

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The pricing looks pretty good even if its in $US. Usually goes for almost $400(can) new if not more. I don't know of issues with the tilt design though, I have the 6quart pro model.
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Look at the wattage rating. I would recommend getting a mixer rated at least 350 watts; that way the motor will last longer and mix more effortlessly.
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It depends on what you are going to mix in your mixer :) If you do mostly cakes and cookies, I think 325 watts are fine. If you intend to do a lot of bread kneading, I would look for a mixer with closer to 500 watts.

As to the tilt, I have not heard that this is a problem. I have a tilt mixer (not a KitchenAid) and have no problems. Getting to things at the bottom of the bowl is usually just an adjustment. There is a screw that allows you to tweek the bowl height to allow you to get to everything.
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I have one of the tilt head Kitchenaids. it's fine for pizza or bread dough, but does have problems with leaving butter at the bottom when making cookie dough.
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I got mine, and it doesn't have problems with leftovers in the bottom. I found a screw when the head is tilted back, and it does adjust it up & down so you can probably do that to fix it.
By the way, the refurb one is only $70 after rebates now:
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I've had mine a while now, and I have made more chocolate chip cookies than I can imagine. Does anyone have ideas of other things I can make in it? I'm ready to cook something good tonight :)
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How about brioche? It's alot easier with an electric standing mixer than by hand!
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