Kitchen Stainless Steel Cladding

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Hi, our kitchen was build using tiles as walls. Now, 10 years after, the tiles exposed to high temperatures are starting to fall off. I am considering replacing the whole wall with Stainless Steel Cladding. We're bidding out the contract and I was wondering what are the things to look into aside from the price? Any tips on this? How should it be anchored? How should the joints be constructed? Is silicone the right sealant esp in high temp areas?

I look forward for enlightenment! Merry Christmas to all!
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Have you gotten quotes on PVC plastic sheeting? There are varieties that can take almost any ambient heat at the fraction of stainless. As for stainless, I recently had a custom beverage station made and got a good price by going straight to the fabricator. A local welding shop not only made a very precisely measured piece, but came and installed it an did a remarkable job.

As for anchoring the stainless to the wall, once you have removed the old tile, grout etc. you will need an fresh surface, sheetrock or  better yet, plywood and you can then use an adhesive to glue the steel straight to the wall instead of having screw heads all over to gather grease and dust.

Silicone is a great sealant, there are types for various temperature demands. The contactor should be able to get the right type of product for temp and moisture conditions.
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