Kitchen Space - The Final Frontier


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Great use of space looks good.
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Ditto @Nicko  .

I have an overabundance of cabinets.

Not bragging at all because it has become way too easy to jam all the clutter away in a helter skelter fashion when company is coming.

Instead of the one neat junk drawer of my mom's kitchen I have fifteen cabinets full of odds and ends lol.

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I store the stuff I don't use often in the basement. I only have the stuff I use all the time upstairs. The only things on the counters are my knife blocks, utensil holder and a file rack that holds my cutting boards. I hate clutter on the counters. When I had my butcher block countertop made, the cutout from the sink was cut to fit over the sink, giving me more prep space. When not in use, it tucks into a slot I had made between the cabinets and fridge.
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I have a tiny condo kitchen but a lot of kitchen equipment.

Three Sauder storage cabinets line one whole wall of my dining room and really don't take up much space at all. They hold my crock pot, dehydrator, baking pans, sous vide equipment, cookbooks (many!), homemade canned soup, etc.

One cabinet also holds house cleaning supplies and small tools.

My dining table is an antique drop-leaf table (seats 2 when partially opened; 4-6 when fully opened) with one side always in service for daily use. For company or a large project I can always open the other side.

I also have a 2' x 4' folding table which is stored under my sofa. When I have a special cooking project I can set it up in the dining room.

MillionsKnives, I had three of the wire shelving units  (on wheels) in the spare bedroom of my previous condo. Sure wish I still had room for them now.
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