Kitchen smells, and kichen sounds


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I often find myself trying to answer this question to owners, cooks, and foodies, and I just don't know how to explain it. Question being. How do you know when your steak, shrimp, mirepoix, roast is done? For me its the sound. Sounds of the kitchen. I would like to capture that. Going back we all know it was silence, only the Chef spoke, did the food talk to him/her. what other senses where employed? I don't need an internal thermometer, or a timer, or the good old technique "lets cut the steak, c were its at". This also applies for seasoning, I can smell hm? the aroma tells me if there is enough salt or herbs,liquor in the dish. Making Baguettes, I know as I'm kneading whether there is enough yeast in it. Any body else have this connection? Aside from this chopping, sauteing, whisking, tenderizing meat, back kicking closing oven, tongs clatter ring and deglacing, make my soft tissues become hard.
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