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I'm starting a cookie business and plan on asking a nearby cafe to rent their kitchen when it's not in use. I looked up a sample contract for these types of transactions and it said it would pay the kitchen hourly, but also offer 50 muffins.

Would it offend them if I offered them some of my cookies along with the money I owe them? I mean, they do sell baked goods themselves as part of a cafe so I'm not really sure :s

Also, what would be a standard payment for this type of rental? It seems like a somewhat small kitchen and this cafe is actually located inside the local library.
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  If it were me I would negotiate a monetary cost for rent. Around here the going rate is 25 dollars an hour.

If they are interested in your cookies, then sell your cookies at a wholesale price. They can pay you by deducting

monies owed from the rent. This makes it easier to track. You'll have invoices for sales. Then you can expense COGS, Rent,

labor,etc. from your sales.

    It's also easier to disolve your cookie agreement if necessary. I wouldn't put it in writing. With most any agreement

in writing, it is just as important to have a written way to disolve the agreement as the agreement itself.

Just my 2cents

do that help?


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