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    Hey Guys

    Just here looking for some professional opinions on gear... Just finished a restaurant renovation and need to turn my attention to the kitchen. Our equipment and layout needs an overhaul.. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the cookshack wood fired grills? We are a BBQ steakhouse and have had good experience with their smokers and thought this might be a good point of difference if the cost is worth the end product and it doesn't add too much complication to the hot line... Also we have a wing night that puts out a couple hundred pounds of wings and the current fryers can't keep up with that along with our regular menu while that is going on leading to customer waits which bothers me, but we didn't expect to have that problem so as far as problems go it's not the worst one to have .. I'd like to redo the hot and cold line with high quality/high output equipment that gives our fellas what they need to get the job done during the rush. We have a chef and will be sitting down with him as well but thought maybe i could get some ideas from here if anyone has experience they would like to lend.