Kitchen pick systems

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Hi all,
My apologies if this topic has already been discussed. I just started in a new kitchen and am completely thrown off by the call system they use. We work in courses, so the usual “On hold, straight fire, pick up” calls are used. But what is throwing me WAY off is how the line communicates timing. I come from the good ol “2 minutes out on filet MR, 1 REAL on frutti, resting on loin..” etc. They go off “4,3,2 jump”.

I don’t get it.

Several of my fellow cooks have tried to explain it to me, and they don’t even seem to get it. They just go with whatever grill says. And guess who is the grill cook (me. That’d be me)... So, anyone who is well versed and can explain it - I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks guys!
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Different restaurants use different systems. There's no standard.

Even places that use seemingly the same system still do things differently.
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Sounds like you have the opportunity to do what you need to since you are the grill cook. I'm assuming you're at a steakhouse then?

432 jump....sounds like something a drunkard would say lol....321 jump maybe?

If you have a system you like, try doing that, and see if it picks up, if the chef jumps you just tell him you have no idea what the 432 jump thing is. It sounds like twister or something.

If you get a ticket just tell them how long it will be for your steak or whatever item you are cooking and try to coordinate that way.
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