kitchen manager, culinary school, move and find a more fulfilling

kitchen manager, culinary school, move and find a more fulfilling

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Joined Mar 3, 2017
So like the title says right now I am stuck between choosing to either go to leave my current job go to a culinary school and actually learn some stuff, or stay at my current job which is a kitchen manager position. A little about my job is I am actually being trained as a kitchen manager ( I don't have it yet but everyone refers to me as the boss and I have the finale say in the kitchen) which is a good thing but the place is a small cafe in a small town averaging around 50 tickets a day or 120ish during the summer, The main problem here is I don't see myself being able to work more then 2 years because i have already hit the top in the kitchen at this.

A example of how I already hit the top of the kitchen is I have only been there for about 6 months and am now becoming the kitchen manager even though there are people who have been there a year plus who have no desire to even be there and any time it picks up past 50 tickets during dinner rush they start to freak out cuss and scream of much they hate there job and etc. I am starting to rant at this point so I digress.

My main problem is I want to work in a busier location, constantly learn other things instead of constantly trying to teach myself threw books, internet and etc. it can only get me so far in my opinion. Nobody can really teach me anymore more about cooking, hence why I jumped on the kitchen manager position when my colleague couldn't handle it.

So I have been pondering on the idea of it being a smart move to leave after this summer for culinary school or maybe even moving and finding a better restaurant to work at. I am asking because I know for a fact everyone here has amazing knowledge and experience, I mean I am 22 year of age right now so I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to life let alone anything to do with the kitchen.
Joined Mar 3, 2017
Stay where you are at even if you are unhappy, your are young and the resume experience is better than any culinary education at this point... talk to the owners about helping create new items or specials for the menu and learn to discipline yourself further to tolerate the daily stress within the kitchen.
Joined Jul 29, 2011
Culinary school is a place that you will learn, no doubt about that, but the main thing will be to surround yourself with other people with interests similar to yours. That is important and will put you in a competitive spirit. School will also add to the attractiveness of your resume, allow you to earn more and will also set you apart from your competition when applying for a job

The real learning  however starts in the field. Either way if you have hit the ceiling at 22, move on and continue your learning in a more challenging environment. You will be surprised as you move along how little your colleagues actually knew.

good luck  

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