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I need to understand some things I am learning because I can't tell what is right vs wrong. I am hoping someone can clarify.
  • Who in the kitchen has the role of tracking and reporting KPI's? Is that the head chef (or is it ever the head chef)?
  • How do you report on food costs for KPI's? I am being told that you take the cost of the food and divide by the number of dishes made (average cost per plate). This can't be right, or is it?
  • How do you track and report on food waste? What is the frequency that this is reported and how granular is it reported (for example: we wasted $10 today, $30 yesterday, or wasted $30 during lunch service, $50 during dinner today). If we discovered a bunch of bad food and throw it away today, today's numbers will look bad. Is that ok?
  • Do you track food loss (lost/stolen)? We had some food missing and there was no record of it being cooked.
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The Chef is in charge of everything that goes on in the kitchen. The Chef might delegate some responsibilities to his Sous or others, but the buck stops with the Chef as he is one responsible for all that goes on.
Yes, the cost of the food that's needed to create a dish is divided by the number of portions it creates. This is called the food cost.
Food waste is the responsibility of every cook and prep person in the kitchen.
Properly, all food waste must be documented. Some kitchens have clipboards with forms to be filled in.
The Chef is ultimately responsible for food waste. Frequent inventory will usually show where the food is going. Chef's job is to correct bad habits and teach the crew how to better keep the product, so it doesn't spoil before being used. The Chef can sometimes walk around and look in the trash to look for waste.
Cameras or other detection equipment helps keep theft at bay.
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As chefross said Head Chef is in charge of everything that goes on in the kitchen. It is advisable to delegate duties if the team is bigger but in the end Chef is responsible. A well run kitchen has little waste. There are times that it can not be helped but if there is a high food waste something is not right. Good training. motivation and attitude can do wanders here.
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