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Hi we are a group of college students in PA currently enrolled in an entrepreneurship class. We are working on a final project related to measuring spoons and we need to conduct a survey! Our target market is adults with children (ie. mothers/fathers) who bake/cook regularly. If you have 2 minutes to spare please take our survey! Your input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks 

-MeasuringSpoon group 

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I took the survey. But it didn't really have the appropriate response of NO, it's a poor idea.

Too much to get in the way. Moving parts, extra actions, would be a nightmare to clean, or scoop with. Scooping technique is overfill and sweep, the lid is bound to get in the way and pack ingredients improperly. Or with brown sugar where you do want to pack, the lids in the way again. Measure something like honey, peanut butter or shortening,  what a nightmare.

If you've got the kid set up close to the mixing bowl, spills are minimal and easy to clean. And have the kid clean up the messes so they LEARN.
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I also took the survey and also wished for a NO WAY/POOR IDEA response.For the record, I would NOT purchase specialized children's cooking equipment. There is no demonstrated need.My advice? Find a better idea!
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   Hi there  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif   Welcome to ChefTalk.

   Please don't take this the wrong way, but I don't like the idea at all.  I'm a father of three young children (8, 5, 4) all of them get involved in the kitchen.  Not just desserts, but with everyday prep and daily meals (everything from scratch).  I would never think of buying anything other than very simple kitchen tools.  Well made and simple!   Buying them their own kitchen tools seems like nothing more than a novelty.

    I apologize if I was too frank.

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I was going to take the survey, until reading it. Sorry to be harsh, but it's one of the most poorly designed questionairre's I've ever seen; both because there are no "No" answers, as mentioned above, and because the phraseology assumes that you would purchase the items.

FWIW, I agree will everybody so far. There is no need for complicated, unnecessary gadgets. Nor is there a need for children to have their own cooking tools.

Just for the record, a well-designed gadget is one that makes the intended task faster, easier, or otherwise more efficient. Putting covers on things like spoons and cups achieves none of those goals.
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