Kitchen flooring question

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 I'm in the process of opening a new location and have been trying to find a flooring system that wont require floor mats but will still have anti fatigue properties and be easy to clean as well as not breaking the bank, without much success. I'm wondering if any of you have worked with any product rubber flooring, pvc ect? Two years ago at the NRA show in chicago I saw a product that was a rubber base with an epoxy coating that I can't seem to find. Any help wold be appreciated! Please try to include the names of companies if possible. Thanks 
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I know there are products out there that will do what you are wanting that have ground up used tires or 2 liter soda bottle material in them, although I am not sure you would want it over the whole floor. Might make moving your equipment around a bit of a pain if the floor is soft. You might be better off buying or subsidizing the cost of good shoes that are meant for standing on hard floors all day.

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