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    Hello all,

    I am currently designing and building a 5 (let room) guest-house / Bed and Breakfast, which will cater for 10 guests maximum at any given time. Obviously this is a far smaller scale than a professional kitchen however I have the luxury of designing layout, choosing equipment etc to make life (hopefully) a bit easier from the outset. The floor area is approx 5m x 3m.

    The Kitchen space will be open plan to our own family living area so the heavy duty industrial look is not really an option.

    Type of food cooked initially would be a typical Scottish breakfast (Bacon, Sausage, eggs, haggis, mushrooms, tomato) and perhaps pancakes, bread, home-bakes etc.. so nothing too elaborate!

    Any advice on cookers / ranges / warming methods /  workspace / surface and floor types / storage / sinks / dish washers would be very much appreciated. Practical but reasonable stylish.

    General advice from anyone who has operated a similar sized establishment would also be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance.