Kitchen Aid sausage attchment

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I bought a Kitchen Aid sausage stuffer attachment that hasn't arrived yet, will it be enough to crank out about 60 sausages a day or should I go with something more commercial?
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Just me, but I don't think you'll be happy with the KA. It's mostly plastic. There is a plethora of small units available for reasonable prices,

Out at the ranch we process quite a bit of venison, pork, etc. We had a commercial one for years and it crapped out on us last year. We decided to get a cheap one just to get through the season. We picked up (not sure) but I think it was a STX 3000 if I remember. I was quite impressed with it. I didn't even haul the big grinder back to town. We'll just use the STX. I think it was about 150 bucs. It also has a reverse which is nice. Just make sure you meat is as cold as you can get it. My 2 cents
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Get something bigger, KA is too slow.  You can get a grinder that wont break the bank or a dedicated sausage stuffer.

Maybe @Lagom will chime in, he does alot of sausage, cured meats, etc.

I have the same grinder as Panini, it was about $150, I'm happy with it.
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